Know 6 Unique and Less Known Dog Breeds Around the World

Dogs are by our side for ages. For years, they developed and had been the best buddies to us. While, most people know the popular breeds such as Labrador Retriever or German Shepherd, world of dog kinds is really wide and comes with lot of variations.

The search for unique varieties of dogs does not only expand the boundary of various dog breeds but also reveals their fascinating past and you get familiar to these lesser-known breeds. 

All of these breeds are distinguished by their features, from the spiritual Xoloitzcuintli to the faithful Bergamasco Shepherd. This article will provide you with 6 unique and less known groups of dog breeds from various regions that have developed and possess their own characteristics as well as history.

1. Xoloitzcuintli:

The Xoloitzcuintli, which is commonly referred to as ‘Xolo’, is an old breed of dog and their origin is linked to pre-Columbian Mexico. Xolo is a hairless dog, which comes in three sizes – toy miniature and standard, therefore this breed is suitable for several types of living space.

As a cultural symbol, the Xoloitzcuintli is considered to be a supernatural dog by Aztecs peoples. Many people believe that these dogs are spiritual guards, because they protect human beings from evils. With its uniqueness, Xolo is also loyal and affectionate towards human beings.

And remember, it does not mean that hairless breeds like Xolo are hypoallergenic. This dog also needs proper care and hygiene. Currently, this breed drew the attention of enthusiasts and dog lovers worldwide for its history, unique characteristics and cherished existence.

2. Bergamasco Shepherd:

Bergamasco Shepherd is type of herding dog from the high mountains of Italy. This dog has a unique coat that sets it apart from other types of breeds. The Bergamasco Shepherd is an interesting and unique dog breed that has its origins from Italy’s high mountains.

They are recognizable because of the unique coat, which is formed not only from three distinct types of hair but also act as a shield to their skin. This dog was initially bred as a herding animal but they have shown high intelligence, dependability and calmness throughout these years. 

In addition, these dogs are also one of the most impressive-looking breeds, because they have great physique and a well-proportioned body. Moreover, they are considered to be excellent domestic animals, as they form close bond with humans and are great guard dogs. They also have an ability to live in different environment. In short, they are herding dogs as well as great family pets to their owners.

3. Puli:

Know 6 unique and less known dog breeds around the world

The Puli, which is a Hungarian dog breed with rare corded coat and enthusiastic nature attracts the attention of people who are fond of dogs. Famous for their herding skills, Puli’s were initially trained to work in extreme parts of Hungary. 

They range from small to medium size, therefore they are very good in doing agility or obedience activities. The unique aspect of Puli fur is that it looks like tight ropes, protecting the dog from harsh weather conditions but it needs special brushing routines.

Praised for their intelligence and cheerfulness, Puli’s are great pets to have in a family, but they need consistent training and socialization. They also make great watchdogs. Despite not being well-known in comparison to some famous breeds, Puli’s charm and unique characteristics are worthy to make them a part of your family and enjoy them as your companions.

4. Thai Ridgeback Dog:

The Thai Ridgeback, originating from Thailand is an old breed which is very rare; they have a hair ridge that runs along their spine in the opposite direction from the coat’s rest part. This breed with ancient history was historically associated with the Thai culture, and were used for hunting and guarding.

The Thai Ridgeback has a muscular body, shiny coat and pointed ears with an appealing look. Known for their high level of intelligence and loyalty, they get attached to family members which makes it an excellent companion.

Although it is not much known as other dog breeds, dog lovers would love its uniqueness and interesting features. Compared to other unusual dog breeds, the Thai Ridgeback is an exciting and popular choice for individuals who are interested in a faithful companion.

5. Norwegian Lundehund:

The Lundehund of Norway is a distinct and rare dog breed coming from Norway. This breed became popular due to its special characteristics and it used to hunt puffins, as well as their eggs over steep cliffs along the coasts.

Although Lundehund is adaptable, the fact that they have 6 toes on each foot and possess a rare phenomenon of turning its head upside down touching their spines stands out even more. Their appearance is very unique as they possess thick double-layer fur along with their erect ears and curled tails.

Despite the fact that it has a lot of historical significance, this breed was nearly ended during World War II but continued attempts literally raised its numbers up. The Norway Lundehund is a loyal companion with deep cultural meaning that signifies the outstanding impact among breeds of dogs across all continents.

6. Azawakh:

The Azawakh is a muscular and elegant sighthound which has its origins roots from West Africa. Known for its slender body and graceful appearance, this sighthound is raised primarily by the Tuareg people because of its outstanding hunting skills. 

Loyalty and high degree of intelligence make this ancient breed a loved companion. The most unique characteristics of the Azawakh, is it’s almond-shaped eyes and graceful hair, which makes it look beautiful. Besides its physical characteristics, the Azawakh’s gentle nature makes it popular for families as well as individuals.

Exploring the Azawakh history, we will get to know that it is a breed with cultural value. Moreover, as interest in unusual dog types has increased, this dog is also a rare breed one have and it is an interesting breed for enthusiasts who adore exploring new breeds of dog.


The study of rare dog breeds worldwide shows an interesting global variety in canine kingdom. From the Azawakh from West Africa to the compact and feisty Schipperke of Belgium, each breed makes its unique contribution to human and dog relationship. 

Not only in terms of appearance, these unique breeds have their specific traits and also personalities that are loved by many people. This journey into canine diversity will tell the importance of celebrating and preserving these lesser-known breeds. As we acknowledge the variety of dog breeds, such beautiful breeds should be admired worldwide.

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