7 Common Mistakes That New Pomeranian Owners Make

A journey into becoming a Pomeranian owner is an exciting and joyful experience. These dogs not only have a fluffy, lively look but also bright personalities and affectionate nature. But proper Pomeranian parenting requires knowledge of most common mistakes that usually new pet parents often do.

In our article, we discuss the common mistakes done while raising this lively and furry partner. Whether you are a first-time dog owner or already have this dog as your lovable companion, this article is surely going to provide you with all the information needed for building and improving your relationship with your Pomeranian furry friend.

1. Neglecting grooming needs of your Pomeranian dog:

As a new Pomeranian owner, you may underestimate the importance of their regular grooming. But understand, Pomeranians have thick double coats that need to be regularly brushed in order to not allow matting and reduce shedding.

Firstly, their undercoat grows dense, therefore owners need to consistently brush it. Secondly, Failure to brush some spots of a Pomeranian’s body leads to mats, tangles and even skin issues. The area around the ears and hindquarters is often neglected, making these areas more prone to painful mats.

In order to make sure that your Pomeranian stays healthy, always prioritize brushing sessions more often and focus on these most neglected areas. By avoiding such mistakes, you ensure a good health and well-being of your Pomeranian.

2. Ignoring Pomeranians Dental Care:

Pomeranians need good dental hygiene because they are prone to developing teeth problems. So, if Pomeranians dental care is neglected, it may cause unwanted plaques build up, gum disease and even tooth loss. 

In addition to that, Poor dental hygiene also has a negative effect on Pomeranian bodies. It contributes to other disorders as it directly affects to the functioning of their vital organs. So, to keep your Pomeranian’s safe, make regular vet visits for their dental check-ups and start your dog’s home care routine. 

Furthermore, Brush their teeth using the canine toothbrush and also make sure to use specially configured dog-friendly toothpaste. With that, also give them dental chews and toys that help to reduce plaque. 

And the most important, monitor for signs of any dental issues, such as bad breath or unwillingness to eat. By making dental care a priority, you are able to improve your pet’s well-being.

3. Overfeeding treats to your Pomeranian:

7 Common Mistakes That New Pomeranian Owners Make

Pomeranians get obesity and I’m sure it is hard for new owners to resist the temptation of feeding their cute little pets with delicious snacks. But as most of the Pomeranians become overweight, this causes many kinds of health issues in them. 

It is important that the owners must keep a balance between love and diet. This requires choosing healthy treats for them as well as including a balanced diet in their routine. Plus, Meals in regular intervals and the proper balancing of food consumption during meal times also helps to manage their weight. 

Awareness about contents of the treat and by resisting yourself from overfeeding your Pom’s, obesity complications are prevented. With a proper diet and responsible treat practices, these lovely pets surely do enjoy a good and healthy life with ease and lots of happiness.

4. Not providing Sufficient Exercise:

Even though they are small, Pomeranians have high energy level and need daily exercise. One of the most common mistakes is poor exercise, which leads to behavioural problems and health complications in them. 

Pomeranians are active and must be exercised daily to avoid boredom as well as excess build up of energy. Weight gain and other health problems are promoted with their inactivity. And, Behavioural problems such as excessive barking, or destructive behaviour also do arise if sufficient exercise is not provided.

You must find the time to give your Pomeranians daily walks, playtime sessions and mental stimulation exercises. By recognizing that regular exercise is essential, new Pomeranian owners promote a balanced and happy furry friend.

5. Use of Collars on Pomeranian Dogs:

Although collars are a common accessory, New Pomeranian owners tend to make the mistake while using these without being aware of the fact, that their delicate tracheas may get harmed. 

Pomeranians have weak, tiny necks and the pressure from a collar may cause tracheal damage, and also lead to respiratory diseases or even collapsed lungs. In order to maintain comfort and safety for your Pomeranian, it is important that you select a suitable non-restrictive harness.

Harnesses spread the force over the whole chest, reducing any kind of pressure on their neck.  Make sure to keep checking for any discomfort, such as coughs or wheezes. In short, by avoiding collars and using harnesses on your Pom’s, you are not only ensuring their well-being but also you are reducing the risk of tracheal injuries.

6. Not taking care of Pomeranians Tear Stain:

Tear stain care is often-neglected yet it is very important aspect of the Pomeranian’s well being. It is one of the most common mistakes done by new owners, and it is due to lack of knowledge about Pomeranian’s tear stain. But note that, Tear Stains affect your pet’s health and appearance. 

Teardrops stains the Pomeranian’s eyes, causing discoloration. Failure to maintain this, leads to unsightly staining around their eyes. So new owners, you should make gentle cleaning of tear stains your top priority because this not only prevents the development of unsightly marks but also reduces the possibility of eye infections. 

Avoid using any strong or harsh chemicals near their eyes because this part is very sensitive and requires gentle care. Tear stains have to be maintained with a regular care routine and appropriate grooming products, which surely helps you to keep your pet happy, healthy, and free from all negative consequences that result from ignoring this essential aspect of dog hygiene.

7. Giving inadequate Socialization to your Pomeranian dog:

If not socialized, Pomeranians tend towards a tendency to be afraid of strangers and other animals. A major mistake that new Pomeranian owners need to avoid at all cost is poor socialization, especially within the crucial period of three- to fourteen-week-old. 

This interval is referred to as the socialization window — a developmental stage where Pomeranian’s start accepting new things. This phase has to be taken care of, or otherwise the behavioural problems occur later. Socialization that takes place within 3 to 14 weeks heavily affects the adaptation of a Pomeranian, preventing issues like fear or being aggressive. 

The effect of positive interactions, exposure to a variety of stimuli and enrolment in structured puppy socialization classes during the critical period, goes a long way and do surely help you in developing a well-balanced and outgoing Pomeranian pet, ensuring a sociable behavioural for lifetime.

Final Thoughts:

All in all, being a Pomeranian owner is both enjoyable and challenging. Thus, you should closely focus on these common mistakes. For well-being of these spirited friends, these errors should be avoided at all costs. 

Further, recognizing the need of regular veterinary visits is a fundamental aspect of being a responsible owner. These health assessments not only identify early issues but also contribute to long-life and happiness of Pomeranians.

Owners need to realize that proper care extends beyond cuddles and playtime; the proactive measures ensure a healthy life for these cute, little Pom’s. Recognizing and avoiding these mistakes, along with good habits, do develop a lovable relationship with your Pomeranians that ensures lifetime happiness and companionship.

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