7 Amazing Indian Dog Breeds You Should Know

While selecting a pet, diverse dogs breeds of Indian dogs is highly ignored. This is because international dog breeds are becoming popular day by day. These Indian dogs are incredible but still most people prefer pedigreed breeds.

Although, they are not very popular but these dogs have developed their habitation to many parts of India. These dogs living in different habitats and landscapes of the country, carries out various activities for their masters

As each of them has his own greatest traits beginning from a hunting breed Kanni to Jonangi that is best for coastal areas. First, we know seven breeds of Indian dogs; lesser-known but with unique properties and history. Know more about these dogs; and dog heritage of India.

1. Kanni:

Kanni is an amazing Indian dog breed from Tamil Nadu that has agility and loyalty. The Kanni breed stands out because of its special look, that features a slim athletic body and has uncommon reddish-brown coat.

Kanni is a sighthound whose primary function was hunting. Despite being known for its remarkable speed and stamina, this breed has an interesting history that dates back to ancient times where it was the preferred hunting dog of the Chola dynasty. 

Although a great hunter, the Kanni is loyal to its family and develops deep attachment with them. In the recent years, initiatives have been taken to save and develop this breed in order to enlighten its incredible features along with Kanni’s cultural impacts on Indian community.

2. Rampur Hound:

The Rampur Hound, a native Indian dog sighthound that holds the reputation of being fast and agile. This breed came from Rampur, an Indian province in the north and were bred to kill big animals such as wolves and jackals. 

They are moderate in length and have powerful muscles with remarkable stamina. Their coat is short-haired and often comes in different color patterns. Rampur Hounds are intelligent and faithful dogs, so they make good friends with everyone. 

The Rampur Hound is distinguished by its aristocratic heritage related to Indian royalty, and is loved by enthusiasts of dogs for being beautiful as well as skilful in hunting.

3. Indian Pariah Dog:

7 Amazing Indian Dog Breeds You Should Know

The Indian Pariah Dog is one of the old native breeds and you find them roaming around the streets. The Indian Pariah Dog, also known as “desi” dog in India is a fascinating breed with its own history. 

They were clever and flexible animals; therefore, these dogs became an essential asset of the Indian societies for years. They appear unique because they have small bubble-shaped bodies, upright ears and tail with bristles. The Dogs that significantly stand out from other breeds are the Pariah dogs, which is famous for its faithful nature and ability to to survive in different spaces.

They do not have a pedigree status but actually make good pets because of their natural immunity and ease of handling. Accepting the Indian Pariah Dog does not only reflect a recognition to this breed but also celebrates this lesser-known breed. NGOs as well animal welfare organizations are promoting the adoption of Indian Pariah Dog in order to minimize stray canines.

4. Bakharwal Dog:

As a herding and a guardian Indian dog, this breed came from Pir Panjal Mountain range which is in Jammu and Kashmir. This Indian breed is known to be strong and loyal and were used by Gujjar tribes for guarding livestock.

This Bakharwal Dog are well-known to have a double coat that is thick, strong body structure along with bushy tail. They have great strength therefore they make fantastic guards to their owners.  

Despite they look dangerous, but they are simple and very family-friendly dogs. Thus, attempts are being done to preserve the Bakharwal Dogs. By recognizing and accepting these dogs you not only contribute towards the preservation of these dogs but also are working together to keep Indian heritage.

5. Jonangi:

The Jonangi is an interesting dog breed from India, which is known for being active and skilful. The breed is used for herding and protecting purpose. They are originated from the coast-lands of Andhra Pradesh. 

This dog is a medium sized breed and has a good body structure with curvy tail and short dense hair coat that makes it suitable in all climatic condition. Jonangi’s are intelligent and loyal animals that possess great guarding nature but they need daily exercise and mental stimulation. 

Despite the fact that, they are not so popular among other breeds, its unique characteristics make them a perfect dog to those who want a unique and loyal pet. Plus, the adaptability of Jonangi to coastal region makes its valuable partner for fishermen communities.

6. Gaddi Kutta:

Gaddi Kutta is a breed from Himalaya, that primarily inhabits from Indian mountainous areas. They were used as a livestock guardian dog. The Gaddi Kutta is loyal and protective.

They were used by people to guard livestock against the wolf. They have a strong body with thick double coat. Gaddi Kutta is intelligent, adaptable so they thrive well in high mountain environments. 

They have territorial instincts as well as they developed strong attachment with their human partners. The Gaddi Kutta survives even in tough environments, as even today they still play great role in livestock protection within the Himalayan regions.

7. Chippiparai Indian Dog:

The Chippiparai is a smart Indian dog breed from Tamil Nadu. They have great strength and loyalty. For being an excellent running dog with powerful senses, this breed was used as a hunting companion in the past.

They are of Medium to large size, with sleek short hairs and generally has the shade of fawn and cream color. Due to its muscular body and peculiar features, the Chippiparai has gained everybody’s attention due to its adaptability to different weather conditions. 

They also make ideal as family pets because of their friendly nature, but they have protecting nature. The Chippiparai is an outstanding representative of India’s native dogs, seen to be the perfect balance between strength, elegance and loyalty.


To conclude, there are various types of dogs in India with differing characteristics and histories. Some of the mentioned breeds were used for different jobs including hunting and guarding. 

As awareness increases, these unrecognized Indian breeds also receive acceptance not only within the country but also all over the world, which definitely maintain and preserve India’s rich canine heritage.

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