10 Reasons Why Golden Retrievers Should Be Your First Pick

Golden Retrievers are one of the most favourite choices that many people consider as part of the family among the other breed dogs. They’re really affectionate companions who have the ability to be really friendly as well as devoted. They are easy going with people, great at thinking, and are skilled at many things. These are the main reasons why they really fit in any home.

Scottish terriers were initially breed as hunting dogs but now they are most commonly known as pets to families around the world. Golden Retrievers are well-known for their vitality, friendly nature and their wavy, vibrant yellowish-orange coats which have won them a very special admiration from all around.

This dog breeds are very famed among humans because of their friendliness and a very loving nature. Welcoming a pet into your family can be a wonderful experience and, in this article, we will be talking about all the reasons why Golden Retrievers should be your first pick.

1. Extremely Friendly:

Goldens are really friendly, and very loyal pets to their masters. This is why they are the most popular and loved dog breeds. In fact, if a person seeks cute and cuddly friend, this type of pets would definitely be great for it.

They are very gentle and make the house feel like home, which makes them perfect family pets. This dog breed is a very social animal and loves interacting with people or other animals. Well, they like their family a lot but also enjoy getting to know new folks as well. Plus, it is quite well-known fact that these dogs are very mature one; they know how to deal with people and can socialize easily even with anybody.

Goldens are very friendly dogs that would make good pets for a person in need of therapy or helper pet. They are often seen as a great friend who is really good in looking after others.

It is also an important feature that sets them apart from other breeds as they can easily adapt to different environments, therefore allowing them to live in any place ranging from apartment houses just the same while for large farms. It means that, if you are searching for a suitable breed of dog to your home, they are the best option. They are intelligent and loyal. They make an amazing option for families because of their compatibility and easiness in adapting environment.

2. Exceptional Intelligence:

Retrievers are very intelligent. This breed of dogs can be usually found on the highest places in smart dog lists, which is a sign that not only they are able to feel emotions but also their intellectual capacity for understanding.
This makes them very obedient as they learn instructions fast. The first characteristic that makes them good prospects in obedience training is their ability to learn and respond speedily. They also respond very well to different commanding as well as perform tricks or tasks accordingly. This adaptability enables them to be great in various tasks.

They can even help people through therapy as they provide comfort and joy to hospital, nursing home and school environments. Further, they are also used as helper in search and rescue missions, due to their high intelligence.

3. Eager-to-Please Attitude:

These animals are also known for their willingness to please people, which makes them an excellent service dogs as well as a good pets to the families.

Goldens eager-to-please attitude, makes them one of the best breeds of dogs. At the very first, they have a kind personality coupled with friendliness hence making the best companion for the family. They are social and depend heavily on human contact and attachments. 

Secondly, they are known as highly intelligent dogs because of their ability to assist in therapy sessions and even work as an assistant dog. Retrievers’ adaptable features are demonstrated by their eagerness to learn commands and ability to perform duties. 

Finally, they create a sense of security and warmth as they are loyal and affectionate animals. Goldens are also active and energetic; hence, they promote an active life and even encourage owners to undertake outdoor activity. With their shining yellow coats and hearts full of love, they bring positivity and happiness to every household.

4. Great with Families:

Golden Retrievers sitting

Retrievers are considered as one of the best dogs, when it comes to family pets. They are known to be great pets for the families. These friendly dogs come with many characteristics that qualify them as best buddies for households.

It can certainly be said that their patience, tolerability, friendliness and gentleness are noteworthy; which ensures peace with kids and makes them nice playmates for children. Similarly, they also suit to the houses of adults.

Besides, Golden retrievers have very loyal and loving, characteristics which helps them to develop lasting relationships within a family and demonstrate enduring loyalty and love towards their masters.

Just like other breeds of dog, a Golden Retriever show their emotional intelligence as they exhibit care, in addition to that they understand human emotions. Such attributes had helped them earn the title of “family dog” who takes on the roles such as companion or a therapy dog.

5. Excellent Golden Retrievers:

As the name suggests, they are experts in object retrieval. Golden Retrievers have excellent fetching skills. The dogs are born with an inherent behavior of fetching and thus are good retrievers.

These Scottish dogs were originally bred in Scotland, intentionally for fetching of ducks and other birds from the waters. Their soft mouths allow them to carry delicate items without causing damage.

Therefore, Golden Retrievers are good at getting things like balls, a Frisbee and even the morning newspapers. Combined with athletic intelligence and great loyalty, Golden Retrievers really make an outstanding retriever.

6. Versatile Athletes:

As an athlete, the Golden retriever is revered for its versatility. Thanks to their superior physical abilities and intelligence, these amazing dog breeds excel at all types of sports activities and events.

They move with swiftness and ease through complex mazes in agility competitions. They are amazing swimmers hence being good competitors in water-based activities such as dock diving, game retrievals and so on.

On the other hand, their stamina and enthusiasm help them to excel in sports like long distance running or hiking, etc.

However, their flexibility and love for sporting activities make it clear that they are amazing and flexible partners for physical activities. They are highly motivated to do all types of exercises, so it makes sure that you’ll have a very enthusiastic workout buddy.

7. Low Maintenance Grooming:

Golden Retrievers make excellent family dogs, and they don’t require much grooming.
Despite being covered with a glossy, soft fur, the golden retrievers have easy grooming needs, if compared with some other breeds.

Nevertheless, they have a very attractive double coat which is water-resistant and sheds occasionally, but brushing can control it and keeps away matting. Natural hair oil should not be washed away frequently. This regular grooming helps maintain their hair coat.

Ear cleaning, brushing of teeth, and nail trimming should be done consistently; but these can be managed through the routine activities that are carried out regularly.

They have a higher resistance to diseases and are healthy, strong dogs. Normally, Golden Retrievers live for an average life of between 10-12 years. This means there will less vet trips thus saving your money and ensuring a long healthy life for your furry friend.

8. Great Watchdogs:

Despite being sociable and loving in nature, Goldens make great guard dogs. Though they are not as protective like some other breeds, but their high intelligence and loyalty makes them very capable working dogs.

This breed is very responsive and can quickly alert their owners of unusual noises or strangers. The sight of their sizes along with their appearance might be enough to make a potential any intruder turn around.

A properly trained golden retriever combines the two traits of being an ideal companion as well as a loyal guardian. Hence, this pet can make many houses feel safe, as well as gives a person secure feeling.

9. Social Butterflies and Easy Travel Companions:

Goldens thrive on social interaction. As pets, they are very social and therefore they are good around other pets, that keep homes peaceful even with many other pets too.

Their enthusiasm for outdoor activities adds a lively component to family life that guarantees everlasting smiles and happiness, treasured moments, etc. In conclusion, they are a wonderful addition to your social life.

Golden Retrievers also make excellent traveling companions because these dogs easily adjust to travelling and normally love car ride or other transport such as airplane, thus making your vacation and adventure easier and more interesting to you.

10. Low Aggression:

The gentleness of Golden retrievers as well as they being non-aggressive is a big reason why people love keeping them as pets within families. One of the main reasons why you should have them in your house is their freindly temperament.

These dogs are very patient and hence appropriate for homes with kids. They are gentle by nature and this also helps promote serenity and, therefore, these characteristics make them apt for many lifestyles. Plus, Golden Retrievers are really friendly and nice with other animals, making it easy for them to live in a family where there are other pets.

Those low aggression dogs are very easy to train because they really like getting rewarded when they do something good. Well, even around strangers or animals, Golden Retrievers are mostly friendly and happily. They are very friendly to everyone they come across and their owner can rest assured. 


Golden Retrievers have actually very interesting qualities; they are not only cute dogs but also clever, loyal, kind, obedient and at the same time extremely friendly. They have more positive than negative sides, such as their good nature, intelligence and ability to adapt.

With no doubts they fill you up with their unbreakable faithfulness and enthusiasm for life making your days happy. Therefore, if you are thinking on the idea of getting an adorable pet, a Golden Retriever is right for you. 

But don’t forget that getting a Golden is a lifelong responsibility and it essential to give them love, care and attention throughout their lives.

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